Bali Bound

 This is probably the fourth time me coming to Bali this year and it's only been half a year! How crazy is that? But what can I say, I'd never get bored coming to this island. For me, Bali is the perfect place if you want to have a short getaway especially since it's only 40 minutes on a plane from my hometown to there.

When going to Bali, the best clothes to wear for me is shorts with a crop tops, t-shirts, singlets, or even off-shoulder tops. I would always avoid polyester made clothing as it absorbs heat and always choose natural fabric such as cotton because it's cooler and comfier.

Here, I was wearing an off-shoulder top with trimmings feature on the sleeves and hemline. Paired it with white short and a pair of comfy Adidas slip on shoes that, soon, I changed it to sandals because I'm heading to the beach.

Laraine Top - The Editor's Market // Short - Random stores // Bag - 3.1 Phillip lim // Shoes - Adidas

Such a breathtaking view from the plane. No words to describe it. Just enjoy the view :)


  1. Bali looks beautiful! I hope I get to go one day.
    I also love your top!

    Belle in Black and White

  2. So pretty! Love your outfit!
    I wish someday i can go to Bali.


  3. Indeed, we'll never get bored of Bali. Love your outfit x