Adidas Originals NMD 2016

There is no doubt that Adidas Originals has been really successful in creating their NMD sneakers. The NMD series is considered one of the most anticipated sneakers for all sneakers lovers out there. All of NMD sneakers were sold out the moment they got in stores is proof enough how these shoes are really popular. Well, who doesn't what to get their hands on one of these 'hard to get' sneakers? 

Besides its unquestionable functions such as flexibility, durability, and responsive boost technology, these sneakers are designed with dynamic concept in mind. Modern upper structure, exaggerated silhouette and bold archival details are the key design to these NMD series that has created an uproar last year. 

Adidas doesn't just stop there of course. This year might turn out to be the year of NMD instead with the new release of NMD 2016 Colorways. This gigantic sportswear company based in Herzogenaurach revealed their yellow colored NMD not too long ago and again, it went viral. Of course, everyone is waiting for the release of other series as well and here are some of it!

Not all of these NMD series has been launched yet so if you are thinking of getting some of these sneakers, stay tuned about their launching updates on Adidas website or Instagram and save the date before you regret! Good Luck guys!



"THRILLS is a future primitive creative faction for the modern day outsider"

I found about this brand when I was in Melbourne last time. Apparently, popular streetwear fashion retailers, such as General Pants and Universal Store, stock this brand and I did not know about it before. I love how simple yet still have the modern edgy touch to their clothes. Not to mention that it's still affordable with good quality too. 

Photo by Gabriella Sanjaya

Sometimes, to make a piece of garment look good is to style it nicely. In this outfit, I was wearing Thrills t-shirt paired with my new knee ripped jeans that I just bought. It was actually just a skinny jeans and I just cut horizontal lines on the ankle line. You guys probably wonder why I don't just buy a pair of ripped jeans instead of ripping my own jeans? Truth is, I don't wear jeans often because I'm really picky about them. I think a good pair of jeans has to be comfortable, breathable and has enough stretch. In addition, it has to make me look taller and not shorter. Not all brands are qualified for this, so that's why.

Lastly, one of the keys to looking edgier is to wear cool creepers and studded accessories such as the beanie I was wearing. I got mine from UNDERGROUND creepers and beanie from ASOS.

Top - THRILLS CO // Jeans - Zara // Beanie - ASOS // Creepers - UNDERGROUND UK