Another Day, Another Spikes

Skull Printed Tank - Sportsgirl
Triple Tour Bracelet - Balenciaga
Red Leather bracelet - Pandora
Arty Ring - Ysl
Spiked Headband - The Editor's Market
Jeffrey Campbell's Lita - Solestruck


Christmas Special

I know it's a bit too late but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that all of you had a special Christmas this year and here's my Christmas Special for you guys.

Photographer: Geraldi Tellys | fb.pixforpic.com
MUA: Olivia Qiva

Red Sheer Shirt - Zara
Skirt - Romwe
Rings - Sportsgirl
Red Sculptured Wedge - Giuseppe Zanotti


Melbourne Zoo

I'm back in Melbourne right now and this time it's for holiday and not for studying (still on my summer holiday). I went to Melbourne Zoo yesterday and as expected, the zoo was big and contained 320 animals species from Australia and around the world. I love the zoo and the design of it too. They designed it so that it resembles a forest so the animals would feel like home and I think they are because they are all look happy. Anyway, Here is what I wore yesterday. I was wearing something very casual, just a tee and short pants. Converse shoes are my first choice if I'm going for a long long walk.

Play T-shirt - Comme des Garçons
Bag - Fendi
Spiked Bracelet - The Editor's Market
Skull charm python wrap bracelet - Alexander McQueen
Shoes - Converse 


Last But Not Least

So after dressing up as Lady Spikes and a rocker on The Rottweiler Club, last but not least, I put on some vintage look. This time, I'm going with a simpler look with much less accessories compared to my last two posts. So, which look do you think that suits me best?
 Also, these are the last photos taken by Sharon Angelia. She's one talented photographer huh? But don't worry because I will collaborate with her again :)

Shirts - Vintage Shop
Bowler Hat - The Editor's Market
Rings - Random
99 Tie Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell


The Rottweiler Club

So here it is, my second outfit from last week photoshoot. Now, I'm officially join the Rottweiler club as I just bought mine not so long ago and I'm loving it! Anyway, I love these shoots so much because I look like a badass chick who you don't want to be mess around. And besides the badass look, I also look like a soft goth rocker. Well, it's something new that I wanted to try for so long and I'm really glad that it actually works. So, hope you guys like the photos!

Rottweiler Tank Top - Givenchy
Triple Tour Bracelet - Balenciaga
Arena Classic Bracelet - Balenciaga
Rings - Randoms
Spiked Headband - The Editor's Market
Gold Studded Bag - Topshop


Melbourne Spring Race 2012

Melbourne Spring Race is also known as Melbourne Cup. It is Australia's major thoroughbred horse race and it is one of the most anticipated events here in Melbourne. Besides the horse race, Melbourne Cup is famous for its "Fashion on the Field at Flemington" where everyone has to dress up according to the dress regulations. Gentlemen are required to wear a suit of tailored slacks, sports coat or blazer, plus tie and dress shoes. For the ladies, they are required to wear a dress (with above the knee length), strapless dress is not recommended for the event, they have to wear bright accessories and high heels. BUT, the most important thing is the Milliners. So, here's what I wore to the Spring Race :)

 From top to toe (excluding the Milliner) I was wearing Forever New. Photographed by my talented friend Grace Wirawan.


Botanical Garden

Two weeks ago, Me and my friend went to Botanical Garden. It was the first time I went there even though I have been in Melbourne for two years now. The garden was so big and filled with various type of flowers. After a long walk, we have decided to have cactus trees as the background since it matches my spiked headband. So, Here are some pictures that my photographer, Grace Wirawan, took for me.

Half Circle Skirt - Romwe 
Bracelet - Balenciaga
Spiked Headband- Editor's Market
Shoes - 99 Tie from Jeffrey Campbell