Shades Of Pink


"Lipstick, like perfume, is intensely personal. Shades become “signature shades”, and the type of lipstick you buy is often an extension of your personality and whole identity," stated Bea of LxEdit.comI agree with her. I think lipstick reflects your character and personality. For my daily lipstick, I tend to use pink coloured lipstick. It can be light pink, bright pink or even deep pink depending on my mood and outfits. I guess I'm the Girl-Next-Door type, huh?

Today's blog post is different than the usual outfit posts because I'm going to write a review about the three lipsticks that I just received from Luxola last week. They are pink shades lipsticks from light to deep coloured one. 

Starting from the right: NYX - Summer Breeze, L'Oréal M401 - Flirty Berry, and L'Oréal M405 - Pink Cerise.

 1. NYX Matte Lipstick - Summer Breeze

I was quite surprise, the first time I wore this lipstick. It's a light pink coloured lipstick in matte finish. I have never bought a similar shades before and I feel like a barbie doll when I'm wearing this one. Very feminine and girly feeling indeed. Because it's light coloured one, therefore it is suitable for daily wear. Also, the colour does last long and only need to do some retouching after you eat. You can get this lipstick from Luxola (here) with an affordable price too! (Rp 115.000 or around USD $8)

2. L'Oréal M401 - Flirty Berry

L'Oréal lipsticks have luxury feels with its gold coloured packaging starting from the cap to the base. The Flirty Berry lipstick is a light pink coloured shade, but it is not as light as the NYX Summer Breeze one. The colour is a natural soft pink colour with a sheer finish. I would say, this one is a more natural looking pink that I can wear for everyday use. This lipstick contains nutrition oil, anti-dryness and vitamin E, which can help to moisturise dry lips. Plus, it also contains Lanolin and does stay long. I think the price is still affordable, which is Rp 129.000 or USD $10, and you can grab them from Luxola (here).

3. L'Oréal M405 - Pink Cerise

Last but not least, L'Oréal lipstick in Pink Cerise. This is my favourite one out of all the three lipsticks that I received from Luxola. The colour is between dark pink and red colour. At first glimpse, the colour does look very similar with the Flirty Berry one but it's quite different as this one is more darker when you put it on. I find that this colour makes me look more mature and sophisticated. For me, this colour is more suitable to wear for dinner or party rather than daily. Same with the flirty berry, this lipstick stays long and helps to moisturise your lips. You can grab this at Luxola (here) for Rp 129.000 or USD $10.

If you are still wondering what colour that suits you or simply wanting to know more about lipstick, Luxola has an online magazine that provides a Lipstick Guide to their readers so have a look guys! Hope my review helps!

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Everything's Minimal

Today's post wearing white boxy shirt paired with my new asymmetric skirt that I got from The Editor's Market. Loving the combination of pleats and clean cut of the skirt plus, it's in black color, which is my favorite color. I think this is the first time you guys saw me wearing sandals for my outfit post since I do not wear them often. Well, this one is an exception because I just bought it from The Editor's Market too and they are surprisingly comfy and good looking as well. I have been wearing these sandals a lot lately because they matches many of my outfits.

Boxy Shirt - Zara // Skirt - The Editor's Market // Bag - Céline // Sandals - The Editor's market // Bracelet - Balenciaga


Floral Jersey

When it comes to mesh jersey, it's all about sporty look! I just received this floral top jersey from The Dancing Jewels, which is a Singapore-based store. All of their items are handpicked by the owner with inspirations taken from the latest runways, magazines and fashion bloggers making their customers always in check with the latest fashion. Check out their website here. They have new arrivals every Sunday and they ship worldwide! For you who prefer shopping offline and are in Singapore, feel free to drop by and try on their clothes in their store at Kissjane Citylink and Bugis.

Foral Jersey - The Dancing Jewels // Mesh dress - Topshop // Shoes - Nike // Watch - Seven Friday // Bracelet - Balenciaga


Swing Ride

Continuing my previous post, here is another outfit post that was taken at Surabaya Night Carnival. This is the first time I'm showing you guys one my self-made dresses. I tend to like and make oversized casual dresses as it really nice and comfy for everyday wear. I combined the polka-dots net fabric on top of a white cotton fabric to give it an interesting aesthetic appearance. The length of the net fabric was purposely made longer so that it will be more visible. I decided to pair the dress with white platforms and adding some accessories to add colors to the whole look. What do you think about this outfit?

Dress - self-made // Shoes - Shibuya 109 in Tokyo // Bleu Lazuli Triple Tour bracelet - Balenciaga // Triple wrap bracelet - Tod's // Necklace - Topshop // Bag - Issey Miyake


I was wearing Bao Bao tote bag by Issey Miyake. Besides the interesting geometrical construction of the bag, I really love the print on each triangle that look like a hand-drawn scenery painting.

Photographed by State Photography.