Hey Girl

I could never get enough of a simple black dress. I know it is really simple but what I love about its simplicity is that you can add accessories as much as you want and wear any type of stockings and hats that you like! I love how my skeleton tattoo stocking add a bit of creepiness to the whole look and besides that, it took away the simplicity of the dress. As usual, studs and spikes were decorating my arms and neck too haha!

Photographer Sharon Angelia

Dress, bracelets and stocking are from Japan //  Skull Necklaces from The Editor's Market // Bag from Topshop // Lars Platform by Jeffrey Campbell from Nastygal


Sweet Lollies

Well, it seems like denim playsuit is back in the game! I see them everywhere now and I mean, really, everywhere. Every shop that I went into this last couple of weeks always have denim playsuits on their rack. I got mine from Topshop not too long ago and I wanted to look fun and playful with it. That's why I wore many bright colors for this shoot to create the look and the mood! Ah, and I'm back in my hometown since weeks ago for short holiday.

Photographed by Sharon Angelia

Moto Denim Playsuit - Topshop // Sleeveless T-shirt - Zara TRF // Accessories + Tattoo Stocking - random stores in Japan // Envelope Clutch - Givenchy // Shoes - Vans
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