I love watching animated films or movies ever since I was still a kid. Japanese or Western's animation, I love them both. Even now I still watch them literally everyday. Lazy Oaf is my favorite streetwear brand of all time because their collections are cartoon-focussed and always about youth nostalgia. I'm wearing their Junkfood tee and it is actually my favorite t-shirt out of all that I have. 

Oh, btw did you guys notice my little alien doll? how cute is he?
PS. I did not get a cat tattoo on my leg, in case you're wondering ;)

Photographed by Bryan Tang

Junkfood Tee - Lazy Oaf // Velvet skirt - Market HQ // Shoes - New Balance // Tattoo stocking & accessories - Japan // Alien doll - Disney store in Tokyo



Ah, basketball. One of the sports that took a big part of my life because I was a part of my school basketball's team. I love to play any type of sports, just name it, swimming, tennis, golf but basketball is still my favorite sport. Perhaps that is why I often dress up really sporty. I immediately bought this dress when I spotted it in Topshop. I also love to wear thigh high socks because it gives me a sporty look and I think it is a perfect combination for this dress. Completed my look with a pair of Nike shoes, Adidas cap and, of course, accessories.

Photographed by Bryan Tang

Mesh Dress - Topshop // Shoes - Nike // Cap - Adidas // Envelope bag - Givenchy // Skull ring - Alexander McQueen // Large and medium Rockstud bracelets - Valentino