She Wolf

Leather jacket has always been on top of my winter fashion items list. It always make you look fashionable and pretty much goes with everything too. I was wearing wolf printed top to match with my leather jacket, giving it more of a bad-ass look. The fact that I do not like to wear trousers made stockings my hero, plus it makes your legs look longer and skinnier too. Paired with my favorite black platform shoes with silver pleat to complete the whole look :)

Outerwear - Topshop // Wolf Print Top - Sportsgirl // Beanie - ASOS // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Triple Tour Bracelet - Balenciaga // Skull Bracelet - Alexander McQueen // Other accessories - random


The Cathedral

Winter is coming, time to take those sweaters out. Going for romantic and feminine look this time so I paired my gold glittery sweater (the gold color is a bit off in the photos though!) with circle skirt and stocking. I really love the texture on my stocking because it's very unique and, for me, the patterns add romantic feel to the look. I don't usually wear headband but I couldn't say no to this one because it makes me look really feminine and I kinda like it.

 FYI, the technique they use to create the texture on my stocking is called 'flocking', which is the application of fine fibre particles (called flock) to adhesive coated surfaces.

Photographer Grace Wirawan

Sweater & Stocking - Sportsgirl // Lita Platform - Jeffrey Campbell // Cross Necklace - Sportsgirl // Griffon Bracelet - Valentino