Fast Forward

It's the middle of semester and my assignments are starting to pile up! I'm pretty sure that everyone are on the same boat with me so good luck and just bear with it :)
Back to my outfit, I know it is from Givenchy's previous season but who cares? I still love the rottweiler print. Since it's one or two size bigger than my actual size, I wore it as a dress and I prefer it like this. Oh and if you haven't seen it, I wore this tank for my last year photoshoot and you can check it out here. I don't want to wear to same style again so I spiced it up a bit with spiked denim jacket and a backpack. Paired with 2 inch platform sneakers to complete the look.

Photographer: Grace Wirawan

Rottweiler Tank - Givenchy
Spiked Denim Jacket - The Editor's Market
Zomg Sneakers with silver cap - Jeffrey Campbell
Valentino's Rock Stud Bracelets - Net-a-Porter


Sk8er Boi

Since I was in junior high, I have always wanted to be a skater girl. I think it's a pretty damn cool if you are a girl and you are able to skateboarding. Well what can I say, back then Avril Lavigne had a big influenced on me in terms of fashion and not to mention attitude as well. I love the way she could dress up so casually and boyish despite being a big super star. The fact that she can do skateboarding make me adores her even more. For a while, I have been wanting to pull this skater girl look and here's what I did. 

Photographed by Bryan Tang. Check out his website here.
Varsity Jacket - SUPRÉ
 Top - Lee
Lakers Hat - Adidas
Shorts - Ziggy
Shoes - Converse