36 Celcius

It was such a hot day when I took these outfit pictures. Even so, I still prefer taking photos outdoor rather than indoor just because the lighting is so much better and looks more natural. Here I am wearing sleeveless t-shirt with ripped shorts and a boyfriend shirt to cover me a little from the sun. Anyway did you notice that my hair is shorter now? I was being brave enough and cut around 15cm long, finally!

Shirt - Wear.hype (instagram) // Shorts - Topshop // Sleeveless T-shirt - TBar Australia // Shoes - Givenchy

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Another Escape

Had another sweet short escape and this time I went to Bali. Greenery and beach are the perfect words to describe this island. I was wearing loose tank tops with shorts to keep it casual, plus an outerwear that I got from Japan so that my skin won't get much darker. My skin tend to get darker or sunburn easily and it will take a while to get it back to normal so I always wear sunblock and avoid getting too much sun exposure. Anyway, sunglasses is a must have item in your bag if you are visiting this island. Mine is from Dior and I really love the reflective green lens. 

Tops - bardót // Nano bag - Céline // Sunglasses - Christian Dior // CDC bracelet - Hérmes // Shoes - New Balance