First of all, wishing you guys have a happy holiday!!
 There's a new store here in Melbourne called Culture Kings. It's the biggest store that sells streetwear stuffs starting from new era caps, t-shirts, sneakers, and many more. The only thing that missing is the women's section! Yes, they only sell mens clothes but I don't really care. I actually bought this t-shirt in size Small and it fits pretty good. The trick is to roll the sleeves so it gives a smaller feature. Of course t-shirts always work well with high-waist shorts and sneakers. Also, don't forget to wear a cap to look even more sporty! Well then, keep scrolling down to see more details!

T-shirt - Crooks&Castles
Sneakers - Onitsuka Tiger
Kenzo x New Era Cap
Bags - The Editor's market
Shorts - Ziggy Denim


Sweet Touch

Finally had the chance to update my blog again. It's been a while and it's all because of my assignments! Blame on them haha. Anyway, I was wearing something casual and girly this time. It was raining all day and just to be honest, I don't really like dressing up when it rains because it's just going to ruin my clothes. 

Photographed by Bryan Tang
Moto Denim Dess - Topshop // Jumper - Pull and Bear // Necklace - Topshop // Bracelets - Random
// Bag -  Fendi // Shoes - Midas

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AND,  I know it's a bit random but my project now focuses on hand sawing, yes I'm in Bachelor of Design Fashion if you're wondering, and my friend accidentally found this inspiring video about the making of Chanel F/W 2013-2014 and I thought I'd share with you guys. ENJOY!


Hey Girl

I could never get enough of a simple black dress. I know it is really simple but what I love about its simplicity is that you can add accessories as much as you want and wear any type of stockings and hats that you like! I love how my skeleton tattoo stocking add a bit of creepiness to the whole look and besides that, it took away the simplicity of the dress. As usual, studs and spikes were decorating my arms and neck too haha!

Photographer Sharon Angelia

Dress, bracelets and stocking are from Japan //  Skull Necklaces from The Editor's Market // Bag from Topshop // Lars Platform by Jeffrey Campbell from Nastygal


Sweet Lollies

Well, it seems like denim playsuit is back in the game! I see them everywhere now and I mean, really, everywhere. Every shop that I went into this last couple of weeks always have denim playsuits on their rack. I got mine from Topshop not too long ago and I wanted to look fun and playful with it. That's why I wore many bright colors for this shoot to create the look and the mood! Ah, and I'm back in my hometown since weeks ago for short holiday.

Photographed by Sharon Angelia

Moto Denim Playsuit - Topshop // Sleeveless T-shirt - Zara TRF // Accessories + Tattoo Stocking - random stores in Japan // Envelope Clutch - Givenchy // Shoes - Vans
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Camo Combo!

Shades of brown and green and also black are the main colors if you want to pulled out camouflage look. I wore cameo military t-shirt from Chichwish and anorak jacket, that I bought long time ago but never had the chance to wear it, from NastyGal. Well, this is actually my first camo look ever and I'm so glad that this worked out the way I wanted because usually green and brown doesn't look good on my skin. So, what do you think?

Cameo Military T-shirt - Chichwish //Anorak Jacket - NastyGal // Lita Platform - Jeffrey Campbell // The Designer Satchel Bag - The Cambridge Satchel


The Attitude

Printed tank, ankle boots and checkered shirt that wrapped around my waist, yes I'm into grunge lately. Was wearing one my favorite pair of shorts from Ziggy.denim and also my new Givenchy envelope clutch that I got for my birthday present weeks ago. Don't forget that my hair is messier and greasier than it usually looks. Although my grunge is still quite soft but I still like it!

Photographed by Grace Wirawan.

Eyelet Tank - The Editor's Market // Checkered Shirt - Ralph Lauren // Shoes - Tony Bianco // Shorts- Ziggy Denim // Bracelets - random // Givenchy Envelope Clutch Bag - Harrods


Boyfriend B!

When it comes to Autumn, boyfriend blazer is one of my favorite jacket to wear. It keeps you warm and makes you look fashionable yet somehow look smart as well! Other reasons why I love to wear boyfriend blazer is that it goes with everything; skirts, leggings, shorts, just named it. I bought mine a while ago and I do love how it has the looser appearance on me. Gold textured pants and just white basic tee is a nice combination to wore with boyfriend blazer. Paired with oxford shoes to keep the smarty pants look :)

 Photographed by Grace Wirawan

Boyfriend Blazer - Stradivarius
Shorts - Sportsgirl
T-shirt - Dotti
Lockit Vertical MM Bag - Louis Vuitton

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Autumn Breeze

It's Autumn here in Melbourne and the sky is mostly gloomy here, which I don't really like. Oh well, it's better to wear colorful clothes to brighten your look despite the gloomy weather! By colorful, I mean either the top or the bottom that I'm wearing. I don't really wear to much color but I do tend to pick bold colors instead of pastel. I really love this sweater from The Editor's Market even though it's a bit big for me. I love the bold color on the sweater especially because blue is the dominant color, which is also my favorite color. Paired with my new platform sneakers from Jeffrey Campbell to punch up the look. A boyfriend beanie and a little studded arm party to complete the look!

Photographed by Grace Wirawan.

Houndstooth Sweater - The Editor's Market
Zomg Sneaker - Jeffrey Campbell
Rockstud Bracelets - Valentino
Boyfriend Beanie - ASOS


Fast Forward

It's the middle of semester and my assignments are starting to pile up! I'm pretty sure that everyone are on the same boat with me so good luck and just bear with it :)
Back to my outfit, I know it is from Givenchy's previous season but who cares? I still love the rottweiler print. Since it's one or two size bigger than my actual size, I wore it as a dress and I prefer it like this. Oh and if you haven't seen it, I wore this tank for my last year photoshoot and you can check it out here. I don't want to wear to same style again so I spiced it up a bit with spiked denim jacket and a backpack. Paired with 2 inch platform sneakers to complete the look.

Photographer: Grace Wirawan

Rottweiler Tank - Givenchy
Spiked Denim Jacket - The Editor's Market
Zomg Sneakers with silver cap - Jeffrey Campbell
Valentino's Rock Stud Bracelets - Net-a-Porter


Sk8er Boi

Since I was in junior high, I have always wanted to be a skater girl. I think it's a pretty damn cool if you are a girl and you are able to skateboarding. Well what can I say, back then Avril Lavigne had a big influenced on me in terms of fashion and not to mention attitude as well. I love the way she could dress up so casually and boyish despite being a big super star. The fact that she can do skateboarding make me adores her even more. For a while, I have been wanting to pull this skater girl look and here's what I did. 

Photographed by Bryan Tang. Check out his website here.
Varsity Jacket - SUPRÉ
 Top - Lee
Lakers Hat - Adidas
Shorts - Ziggy
Shoes - Converse


The Blue Sea

Another shoot that I had with my friend, Grace Wirawan. The place was at St. Kilda beach and we had such a fun time taking photos. This time, I was wearing something that is much more feminine than my last post. Printed skater skirt and loose tank are perfect for strolling down at the beach.Well, I have to say that my 4.5inch wedges wasn't exactly made for the beach but who cares? at least it matches my outfit!:)

Photographed by Grace Wirawan
Loose Tank - Sportsgirl
Printed Skater Skirt- The Editor's Market
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Bag - Fendi
Accessories - Random