Antler Cabin

There are so many new cafes in my town, Surabaya, and mostly their theme is either classic elegant, feminine, or industrial. Antler Cabin is the first cafe here with its cabin theme, which I think is an interesting theme considered Surabaya is a big city. 

The cafe is very nicely decorated and really stick to its cabin theme. My favourite part is the decorations on the wall which has an antler skull head next to nicely arranged photos with tree branches as the frames.

The Cabin is very homey. You might spend the whole day there because of its cosiness. When you are inside the cabin, it feels like you are not in Surabaya anymore but rather in some remote area surrounded by nature and trees.

 Even though the place is not that big, at least it's big enough to take some outfit photos!

Tops - Zara // Skort - Topshop // Bracelet - Valentino // Shoes - New Balance

 And did I mention that the food also matches the cabin themed as well? Here's one of their speciality: RUSTIC ROAST.

Antler Cabin is located at Jl. Raya Darmo Permai 2 Blok D No.16, Dukuh Pakis, Surabaya.

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