Over The Bridge

Another casual day wearing eye-printed top and ripped shorts. Speaking of the print, it reminds me of Illuminati's symbol, which I don't mind or even care about it. I find that it is quite amusing how a lot of people these days always says "It's Illuminati" every time they see a triangle shape. Anyway, I think ripped jeans really suits my style. It's edgy and boyish. I have always wanted to get a pair of ripped jeans, but every time I try it on, I always feel that it makes me look shorter. Does it? That is why I only have one pair of ripped jeans and it is a short one. Any suggestion what brand should I try?

Photographed by John Caine (three photos above)

Top - The Editor's Market // Ripped Shorts - Topshop // Backpack - MCM // Creepers - Underground // CDC bracelet - Hermès

 Photographed by Andreas Kristanto (Two photos above)


  1. What a great shoot! How did you get to take photos there? Anyway, your outfit is awesome

    BCfactor Blog

  2. love your backpack!! nice photos

  3. love your backpack! so pretty xx

  4. Loving that backpack! Great outfit. x