Summer always excites me. Perhaps it's just because I prefer Summer heat rather than the Winter cold. Some people loves to wear layers of clothes (Winter clothes), well, I prefer just one or two layers of clothes. A top plus bottoms or a dress to wear is simply enough. I don't mind wearing outerwear on occasion though!

During Summer time, mostly I'm in the mood for shopping. I love hanging out with my friends or simply going out for a walk during this season so I always want to get something new to put on even though I have piles of clothes in my wardrobe. I guess it's a girl thing, huh.
Anyway, here are my Summer Wish List that I chose from Shein.com

1. White Crochet Off Shoulder Dress - Shein

2. Black Aloy Ring Choker Necklace - Shein

3. Gold Leaves Rings - Shein

4. Laser Cut Envelope Clutch - Shein

5. White Peep Toed Wedges - Shein

Since white color and off-shoulder silhouette are in trend now, of course I would want to get a dress that has those two features. A bonus poin on the crochet details to add more of the Summer festive. A simple choker and couple of gold rings to spice up the look but still keep it minimal. 
Also, a pair of peep toed sandals for comfort. Lastly, a nice envelope bag with laser cut details to finish the whole look.

Visit Shein.com and you will have more selection of styles to add into your wardrobe! 

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