Kendall Jenner Off Duty Look

Kendall Jenner has undoubtedly become one of the most demanding models since her first debut in the modelling world. Having tons of photoshoots and catwalks to walk, there are always fashion stylists who would choose outfits for Kendall to wear. However, when she's off duty, have you ever wonder what she would wear?

 Let's take a look shall we?

Having a tall and slender figure, of course, she would love to show off her flat belly. I think that Kendall wore a lot of crop tops and she's killing it!

White one white has never looked so good. I personally in love with this look because everything is just perfect. The flick pony hair, red lips againts white on white tops and pants and lastly, the black Sac De Jour Saint Laurent bag with snake skin details that matched perfectly with the look. 

Attending Paris Fashion Week wearing her signature look, which is crop top and choker look. Paired with striped wide-leg trouses and patent loafers. 

Kendall often wears fedora hats to spice up her style and perhaps, so that she wouldn't be easily recognized? not that it work well on her, though. I mean, who wouldn't notice her on streets?

After scrolling down a lot of her daily outfits, I notice that Kendall wears a lot of white, grey and black colors. Above is another one of her all black looks wearing a crop top, leggings, a pair of black ankle boots and coat. Talk about her abs, it needs to chill!

Other than those 3 main colors, she does wear neutral colors on occassion. Here is one of her chic look wearing a white slit skirt with suspenders, a beige colored sweater crop top and aviator sunglasses.

So, after looking some of Kendall everyday outfits, what do you think? Let me know your opinion about her style on the commnet bellow!

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