Universal Studio in Osaka, Japan

I went to Japan recently to see the famous Sakura cherry blossoms. The flowers are beautiful. There are around 100 types of Sakura in Japan, and the most common one is the white colored one that you can easily find in the streets or park. I went to Osaka first and luckily; the weather was nice, and I got to see the Sakura for the first time at Akashi Kaikyo National Park. Along with the photos of Sakura is my outfit photo that I wore on that day.

Tops - Monki // Skirt - Shinsaibashi in Osaka // Shoes - Kenzo // Nano Bag - Céline

 Later on that day, I went to Universal Studio. I always love going to an amusement park because I love the happy, excitement vibe it gives. There are a lot of rides there, and some of them are new. However, the waiting time for each ride is about 150-200 mins so I did not get to try all of the rides. At the very least, I manage to take a lot of photos there so enjoy!

The new Harry Potter ride! I was really captivated with how they manage to build a big area  so that it resembles the places in Harry Potter's movies. Not to mention, Hogwarts too. You can take a tour into Hogwarts or ride a jet coaster in there. But before that, prepare yourself because the waiting time is around 3-4 hours! 

 Stay tuned for my next posts about this trip!


  1. really casual, and chic, i love your shoes and skirt. well enjoyer trip and nice photos as well


  2. thats great you got to see the cherry blossoms too! I still need to go to the universal studios in osaka!

  3. omg!!! love the sakura!!! so pretty and mesmerizing!! your outfit is totally adorable too!

    Animated Confessions

  4. love your outfit and love all the photos! I wanna try the food from Minion Happy Kitchen >_<
    Flower or Crepe?

  5. Lucky you! I've been wanting to see cherry blossoms too but I haven't got the chance. Anyway, lovely outfit!<3


  6. Love the photos !
    You really had a great time, lucky girl !


  7. it would be awesome to go to the one in japan! love your skirt btw :)

    danielle | avec danielle